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Writing prompts for fun and practice – set the timer and go!

Welcome to the Pointy-end.com! My Dad often said of someone, “he’s got the pointy end of the stick”. And writing has been like that for me – batches of frantic writing and then long periods of.. nothing.

For the last seven years I have spent every Friday afternoon at my Wordsflow writer’s group. We critique each others work, share things we’ve learned and spend the last 60 minutes doing timed writing exercises.

For me, for a long time, that 60 minutes a week was the only writing I did – except for NaNoWriMo. I don’t know why. I do know how happy I am that I am now able to write each day. This site is my attempt to help others to develop a daily writing habit and to keep myself practicing.

So, welcome to Pointy-end com. There are images to prompt your right brain as well as traditional text prompts. Also, comments on things I do to get myself published and other writing topics that come up.

Start with a writing prompt… if you’re happy with it, post it in the comments for others to read, or paste it into your computer for future reference.

Have Fun! – Cheryl

NaNoWriMo 2017 – YAY!

It’s tough this month, keeping up the word count. I should be on 10,000 today, not newarly seven. I wish I lived closer to the real world so I could go and do write-ins, but then I’m glad I can go out and give the horses an apple and relax for a bit. If you’ve(…)

My new ‘Online Story’ – last unit of my MA Writing

Hi Guys, I’ve just finished my 2,900 word short ‘web story’ that leads you on a sci-fi adventure that crosses web pages, videos and future possibilities. This is the last unit of my MA Writing course and I’d love to go out with a good grade.  It would be fantastic if you could read it(…)

Quantum Break – a Kinetic Novel

Here’s something completely different! For the Writing and New Media unit of my Masters in Writing, I’ve written a Kinetic Novel. It inhabits the same world as my novella, “Quantum Chance” which will be available here in the near future. I’ve had a fantastic time coding this story in Ren’Py software.  It’s really easy to(…)

Recovered and editing my little heart out!

Okay.  I recovered from yesterday’s critique.  Is it just me?  Do other writers feel like cutting their wrists over tough critiques? Anyway… I’ve instituted the changes he suggested that I agreed with, and ignored the rest, as is my writerly prerogative.  Then I packed up the same edited part and sent it off to a(…)

Ahh… the pain of anonymous critiques!!

  A word of warning.  If you don’t like criticism – don’t become a writer! After yet another (what I considered) thorough edit, I uploaded my first 5,400 words of my 2013 Nano novel to YouWriteOn.com to be reviewed.  This site received great raves from writers, and actually has a system where the best uploads(…)

NaNoWriMo – the pain and the glory!

NaNoWriMo – the pain and the glory!

Every November since 2006 my life stops for National Novel Writing Month, where authors everywhere try to write a 50,000 word novel in a month.  The first couple of years results are not even worth mentioning.  but, it gets easier the longer you do it. I’ve learned to type faster, correct faster, encourage my muse(…)

The Writer as Magpie (Writer’s Collecting habits)

              I don’t know if you have magpies overseas, but in Australia we have tons of them on every tree on every street and when they’re not dive-bombing children on pushbikes they collect anything shiny or fanciful. I collect model trains. I like watching the trains going around, but(…)

I’ve got a hundred subscribers!!

Woohoo!  This site has been up less than a year and I’ve just hit my one hundredth subscriber!  Thank you all very much for trusting me with your email! The main reason I’m thrilled about this is, I designed the site so that people could use the image and the timer to write and I(…)

Literary Fiction versus Genre fiction…

My writing group recently had a discussion about this topic and after doing a ton of research Writing styles are as distinct as personality traits—and debates about which way of writing is “best” can often be just as volatile. Where one writer might luxuriate in the complexities and varieties of the lexicon, another might prefer(…)

What kind of writer are you? – a questionnaire

We recently had discussions at our writing group about “Literary Fiction versus Genre Fiction” and that prompted me to go on a voyage of discovery.  It took ten minutes to respond to the questionnaire I developed and the group had a great discussion afterward and got a lot out of it.  I’m so proud of(…)