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I’ve got a hundred subscribers!!

Woohoo!  This site has been up less than a year and I’ve just hit my one hundredth subscriber!  Thank you all very much for trusting me with your email! The main reason I’m thrilled about this is, I designed the site so that people could use the image and the timer to write and I(…)

Literary Fiction versus Genre fiction…

My writing group recently had a discussion about this topic and after doing a ton of research Writing styles are as distinct as personality traits—and debates about which way of writing is “best” can often be just as volatile. Where one writer might luxuriate in the complexities and varieties of the lexicon, another might prefer(…)

What kind of writer are you? – a questionnaire

We recently had discussions at our writing group about “Literary Fiction versus Genre Fiction” and that prompted me to go on a voyage of discovery.  It took ten minutes to respond to the questionnaire I developed and the group had a great discussion afterward and got a lot out of it.  I’m so proud of(…)