Ahh… romance – not!

::Throughout life you will meet one person who is like no other,,, ::Ahhh, romance. I’ve never had romance. Not that I would have minded — it just didn’t work out that way. My first love … errr… experience – a quick painful grope in St.Leonards park at 14 and not with the guy I was in love with. Sheesh. Won’t waste time explaining that.

Then my beloved drummer – 17 and the apple of my eye – AND he let me sing with his band occasionally. I remember when my parents found out about him and tried to charge him with “Carnal Knowledge” – They gave it up if I promised to never see him again.

I said to him — “Well you’re not going to care – you’ll just get another one. It’s not like we were boyfriend and girlfriend …”

And he said — “Of course we were!”

We were together over 12 months — and I didn’t know we were boyfriend and girlfriend— does this speak more for the Australian boy in the early seventies or for my own screwed up consciousness.

Then there was my quest to prove that girls are as capable of picking men up and screwing them as men are.

Why should it make a man sophisticated and a girl a whore? Why is a man playing the field and a woman a tart?

So I set out to set everybody straight — nearly destroying myself in the process. I slept with my husband to be and he rang me the next day. Just to say hi. I couldn’t believe it! That’s about as romantic as my relationships ever got.

When I rang John to ask him out after I joined the band he said he’d love to. The he rang back ten minutes later and said, oh, actually I’m living with someone, so I better not. Mmmm … did someone say romantic!

There was that one guy in college — but I romanced him – not the other way around. Now, that was fun!

photo by: » Zitona «