Ahh… the pain of anonymous critiques!!

Ahh... critiques!

Ahh… critiques!


A word of warning.  If you don’t like criticism – don’t become a writer!

After yet another (what I considered) thorough edit, I uploaded my first 5,400 words of my 2013 Nano novel to YouWriteOn.com to be reviewed.  This site received great raves from writers, and actually has a system where the best uploads are referred to Random House and Orion for possible publishing.  I received one review almost immediately from “Soto”.

The review started with him trying to be kind:

I see that you registered and uploaded this piece only yesterday, and I regret to say that it is obvious that it was posted before being ready for critical review.

Ouch!  Giving up writing forever.

No.  Not really, but I was for about an hour this morning after I got this first review.  It was doubly disappointing when I realised his work was one of the top ten that got sent to publishing companies!!  And that over half his suggestions were good – if phrased painfully.  My personal favourite:

++ She bit her tongue and the little bit of pain helped her focus.++
(‘Little bit’ spoils the sentence, unless written by a child at pre school.)

Yes, the sentence is better without it – but I could have lived without the smart-arse “child at pre-school” crack!  There were more helpful suggestions presented in similar terms.  Sheesh.

So, by all means offer your work for critique if you dare…  I will be editing it again (instituting about half of his suggestions) and re-uploading it… but next time I hope for someone a little less combative!

It’s YA fantasy – that must be someone out there’s genre.  I have 5,400 words desperately in need of a beta reader.  If anyone out there is willing, please let me know.  jazzsinger56 [at] gmail.com.

I cannot believe that after all the work I’ve put into it – it is that bad!  But if it is – I’m looking for another hobby.

Reviewing?  Beware… here be dragons…!


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