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Writing adventures

Quantum Break – a Kinetic Novel

Here’s something completely different! For the Writing and New Media unit of my Masters in Writing, I’ve written a Kinetic Novel. It inhabits the same world as my novella, “Quantum Chance” which will be available here in the near future. I’ve had a fantastic time coding this story in Ren’Py software.  It’s really easy to(…)

I’ve got a hundred subscribers!!

Woohoo!  This site has been up less than a year and I’ve just hit my one hundredth subscriber!  Thank you all very much for trusting me with your email! The main reason I’m thrilled about this is, I designed the site so that people could use the image and the timer to write and I(…)

What kind of writer are you? – a questionnaire

We recently had discussions at our writing group about “Literary Fiction versus Genre Fiction” and that prompted me to go on a voyage of discovery.  It took ten minutes to respond to the questionnaire I developed and the group had a great discussion afterward and got a lot out of it.  I’m so proud of(…)

I’ve finished the first draft of my second (finished) novel

Firstly, I apologise for being away for the last few months.  I had to follow a dream.  I spent winter in the snow country in the Highlands of Victoria, Australia in our caravan after traveling to Melbourne to see William Shatner.  And yes, of course this is documented in a short story called “Search for(…)