I have always enjoyed men…

Woman ActingI have always enjoyed men. I like to watch them — to play them sometimes when the acting chance arises. I find the difference in mannerisms fascinating. I prefer to direct men when I have the option.

There is quite often a natural strength that can be developed for a MALE character far more easily than it can with a woman. If a woman is to play a strong character – you save yourself a lot of time by casting a strong woman. Even a mediocre male actor can usually play either a strong or weak male character. I’ve often wondered why that is.

I’ve decided that women are not given the strong role models that men are naturally shown and encouraged with. Not necessarily our parents, but also mates and mateship, footy and other sports and of course on TV.

There are very few strong female characters on TV. And even the few that spring to mind are surrounded by a supporting cast of strong male characters. It’s just the way it is. And now this is worse for teenage girls because the role models they are offered to emulate are not so much strong as just plain bratty and trashy.