I’ve finished the first draft of my second (finished) novel

Firstly, I apologise for being away for the last few months.  I had to follow a dream.  I spent winter in the snow country in the Highlands of Victoria, Australia in our caravan after traveling to Melbourne to see William Shatner.  And yes, of course this is documented in a short story called “Search for Shatner” (Star Trek fans will get the reference.)

Then, when I got back I got ready for Nanowrimo and spent November writing.  If you’ve never done this — I recommend it!!  The goal of Nanowrimo.org is for writer’s everywhere in the world to write 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days.  I’ve finished this four times now since 2005.

But this year for the first time I kept writing and actually finished the first draft of the complete novel.

This is different for me, because I go through whole years where I write nothing more than a few thousand words of disconnected writing exercises.

Then this morning, I woke up and went in to write and remembered I’d finished.  So, I started the sequel.  Woohoo me, I say!

I’ve never been a natural writer… you know the “If I’m not writing I feel empty” sort.  I’ve always TRIED to write, sometimes getting 50,00 words of something that might one day be finished.  Sometimes, only 10 – 20,000 words of something that might one day get finished.

The first novel I finished I did the Holly Lisle editing course – Revise Your Novel, but I didn’t finish the edit.   The course was great – And I recommend it unreservedly. I learned SO much about writing!

It wasn’t Holly’s fault I didn’t finish..  I just went off the genre I was working in.  I like Sci-fi/speculative fiction and I’d written a real-world novel.

I know there’s ups and down when you’re starting out, so I’m enjoying the up!  Later today I start the edit.

See you soon with more on editing.