Let there be light… genetics -vs- environmental

nice dark carnival milky wayMy dad always said that. He would ponder something and finally when he had the answer he would declare, “Let there be light!” and he would explain the solution he had come up with. Not that he thought of himself as a particularly intelligent man – but he was. Mum was smart too. Probably far too smart. Of course when I looked back on this trying to find my place in the universe – this information means nothing – both people are at least six degrees removed from me and could not be used to explain my intelligence or any of my other traits.

The one time I met my birth mother I was astonished by just how normal and average she was in so many ways. I could see myself reflected in her features, but she wasn’t quick or clever or deep… or anything. I’d say she had an IQ of about 110. SO — where did I come from?

Now— that leads into prickly waters, because if we believe the geneticists – that only leaves my father.

My father.

The little sperm that could.

He must have been musical with a lovely singing and speaking voice, because her voice was rough as guts!
He must have been smart and quick and intuitive. He must have been responsible for a lot of the stuff that makes me, me, including the dark hair – now grey because she was blonde. And she was tanned. So he must have had pale skin as well.
So, if we allow that I am made up largely from parts of this mystery man who appears responsible for 80% of my everything — which part of me is the dark, evil, violent rapist?

photo by: davedehetre