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Writing prompts for fun and practice – set the timer and go!

Welcome to the Pointy-end.com! My Dad often said of someone, “he’s got the pointy end of the stick”. And writing has been like that for me – batches of frantic writing and then long periods of.. nothing.

For the last seven years I have spent every Friday afternoon at my Wordsflow writer’s group. We critique each others work, share things we’ve learned and spend the last 60 minutes doing timed writing exercises.

For me, for a long time, that 60 minutes a week was the only writing I did – except for NaNoWriMo. I don’t know why. I do know how happy I am that I am now able to write each day. This site is my attempt to help others to develop a daily writing habit and to keep myself practicing.

So, welcome to Pointy-end com. There are images to prompt your right brain as well as traditional text prompts. Also, comments on things I do to get myself published and other writing topics that come up.

Start with a writing prompt… if you’re happy with it, post it in the comments for others to read, or paste it into your computer for future reference.

Have Fun! – Cheryl

What if Superman couldn’t find a telephone box?

He tapped the woman gently on the shoulder. He had to do it gently, because of course he could, with one mighty sweep of his arm, pummel her into the ground and out through to China. She turned at his touch and her mouth dropped open. “Ma’am I see that you’ve just finished your washing,(…)

Let there be light… genetics -vs- environmental

My dad always said that. He would ponder something and finally when he had the answer he would declare, “Let there be light!” and he would explain the solution he had come up with. Not that he thought of himself as a particularly intelligent man – but he was. Mum was smart too. Probably far(…)

Ahh… romance – not!

Ahhh, romance. I’ve never had romance. Not that I would have minded — it just didn’t work out that way. My first love … errr… experience – a quick painful grope in St.Leonards park at 14 and not with the guy I was in love with. Sheesh. Won’t waste time explaining that. Then my beloved(…)

FairyLand Revisited…

When I was offered an apple as a child I would examine it carefully for pinpricks – convinced it may have been poisoned by someone… …thank you Snow White for the fond childhood memories. Folk tales and fairy tales have always been my favourites. Because I read voraciously as a child – and there was(…)

Time Travel as a life’s work…

“My grandfather’s clock was too tall for the shelf so it stood ninety years on the floor. …and it stopped, short, never to go again when the old man died.” I loved this tune. It runs around in the soundtrack of my history somewhere around the age of eight or nine. Strangely, at the exact(…)

Modden Inglish

Some of us speaks bedder than others.  It’s juz the way it is, I spose. I guess it’s to do with the ways your brung up.  But that ain’t all.  I got a friend whos mum and dad spoke real well, but she talks like shit.  Geez.  I haven’t seen her in years. We wuz(…)

Rash promises… and lies we tell our peer groups to fit in

I try not to make rash promises any more.  I used to do it all the time when I was young.  I remember at school always saying I’d do something and then getting into trouble when it didn’t happen.  Years later after I got sober I realized I’d done it just to make people like(…)

A fact about myself…

I don’t suffer fools gladly. In fact the older I get, the worse I am at being polite to people I perceive to be idiots. There are times , after I’ve walked rudely away, times especially in moments of reflection. where I wonder if – had I been more patient — had I listened harder(…)

The Dutiful Wives Club… a poem

The Dutiful Wives Club Beaten, bruised inside and out. Her eyes on the ground & stay there. Soft sad voice mumbling answers No, I fell. Really. And I’m clumsy by nature. Hands clench, eyes tear.The physical pain can be cured with pills and potions, patting and presents. Inside her heart is raw with letting it(…)