Rash promises… and lies we tell our peer groups to fit in

Mamma Mia.  りんご娘のライブ コンサートI try not to make rash promises any more.  I used to do it all the time when I was young.  I remember at school always saying I’d do something and then getting into trouble when it didn’t happen.  Years later after I got sober I realized I’d done it just to make people like me.

Do this?  Okay.  I’d love to…  and then not doing it.  So much easier than letting people down.  Or so I thought.

I remember in high school.  One of my worst memories of this period – a period FILLED with worst moments.

I lied about a friend.

Why?  Because the group I was in at the time were comparing stories and I wanted to fit in.  So I made something up.  I don’t remember what now, but it wasn’t very complimentary to Gail.  Then one day on the sports bus she overheard the story and tackled the girl who’d said it .

I cringed at the back of the bus as one girl after another said who they’d heard it from knowing that eventually it would end up with me.

I burst into tears.  I had no skills for handling this situation.  I cried inconsolably until we got back to the school and one of the teachers had to help me out of the bus and calm me down before they sent me home with yet another note about my emotional outbursts.

This was in second year.  I solved the problem by not bothering to go back anymore than I had to.  When I saw my 3rd years half-yearly report card it said Id been absent 30 days out of 45 each term.   So I left school.