Recovered and editing my little heart out!

Okay.  I recovered from yesterday’s critique.  Is it just me?  Do other writers feel like cutting their wrists over tough critiques?

Anyway… I’ve instituted the changes he suggested that I agreed with, and ignored the rest, as is my writerly prerogative.  Then I packed up the same edited part and sent it off to a wonderful friend who does a great job of editing.  (Thank you Eddie Blatt – editor extraordinaire). He took pity on my broken soul and returned it same-day with a ton of helpful suggestions – most of which I implemented.  Some were so obvious I wondered how I missed them.

Time for Editing Software:

I used to run everything I wrote through Stylewriter 4 (an expensive and bloated piece of software that has stopped working on my Win 7 64bit system with Word 2013 – with no warning).  And support doesn’t answer their emails.  So, looking for new solutions.

I did a Google search and found two online editors, not my first choice given my Australian non-city wireless connection, but worth a try.  I found one at which did something similar to Stylewriter, if not as thoroughly.  They offer a free trial (as long as you give them your name and email address and answer a couple of questions– Free!?) but it’s only good for 400 words, and the reports it generates are interesting, but useless to work from without paying between $60  and $144 per year for the pro version.

Writing Aid Pro

Then I came across a great solution! offer a free version that gives more for nothing than auto-crit does for lots of money.   And they don’t even ask for your email address.  I was VERY impressed.  They offer a Word, Google Docs and WordPress add-in for free.  The free WordPress addin does little more than give you a button linking you to their site which opens in a new window allowing you to paste your text in and the Word one works for 14 days without a Pro license.

After playing for a few hours, I was SO impressed I shelled out for the Premium version which is much better.  Full price US$35 per year which equated to AU$45.51 – cheaper if you buy two or more years at a time.  The Word add-in installed flawlessly and is worth it’s weight in gold.  The WordPress add-in didn’t work out of the box, but I sent a support email and we’ll see what happens.

It’s my new go-to piece of software and I recommend it.