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About Me

For the last seven years I’ve gone off to my half day writing group each Friday afternoon – and written in response to half a dozen prompts.  Each November I frantically try to NaNoWriMo and have succeeded more often than failed.  I’ve started ten different novels for over 800,000 words and finished only two – now badly in need of editing.

Why did I never finish?  because I’d start re-reading and think – something’s wrong here – but I don’t know what, exactly!

…Then suddenly this year I had a epiphany and started to revise the one I’d finished by doing Holly Lisle’s Revise Your Novel Course.

And now I’m half way through the course and I’ve learned SO much more about writing than I ever thought existed – and it’s wonderful to be able to name the problems that previously left me vaguely disquieted.

Now, I’m revising the finished novel, writing the sequel and plotting the third in the sequence.   But, I started with three and five minute writing prompts.  And that’s what I wanted to put up on the internet.

For those who are interested, I’ve also worked professionally as a singer for the last 25 years and have a BA in Performing Arts from Uni Western Sydney.

Please, enjoy the site!

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