The best excuse you can ever think of…

ISAF SOF Helps Build RMC Checkpoint to Enhance Security of the Tagab ValleyHe didn’t like to make excuses. He felt that people should never make excuses. They should own what they do and just get the job done. He had no time for people who said sorry or explained away failures with pathetic excuses.

He’d had associates who had done that in the past. One in particular came to mind now. A little man, ugly and stupid, but a hell of a marksman. He’d found he couldn’t send him out on a job on his own because if something went wrong the idiot didn’t know how to react.

Finally he’d had to terminate him after the last job the stupid little bastard had botched.

He’d listened to three or four minutes of excuses and explanations, and finally he’d had enough. He’d nodded his head and put an arm around the poor little bastard’s neck and twitched it to the left and he was gone.

He saw the car coming, out of the corner of his eye and came back to the business at hand. He raised his rifle to take aim. He never made excuses — he just got the job done.

photo by: DVIDSHUB