What if Superman couldn’t find a telephone box?

SupermanHe tapped the woman gently on the shoulder. He had to do it gently, because of course he could, with one mighty sweep of his arm, pummel her into the ground and out through to China.

She turned at his touch and her mouth dropped open.

“Ma’am I see that you’ve just finished your washing, but I wonder if I could just get a hand for a sec?”

“Oh my God, You’re superman.”

“Yes, Ma’am. Now, would you mind just holding this sheet over here — could I borrow a peg, please?”

“You’re superman.”

Yes, ma’am, I am. Could you peg this for me please? Just there – that’s it. Now, could you hold this sheet over there, that’s it. I just need to get into my street clothes, and I couldn’t find a phone booth.”

He continued to peg up covering sheets.

“I blame mobile phones, of course. There’s nowhere for me to change these days at all.”

“Oh my god,” she said, and closed her mouth.

“Yes. We’ve established that I am indeed, Superman. Would you look the other way please? I just need to get out of these togs and into my street clothes.

She smiled at him.

“Look the other way? You MUST be joking!”